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MTNLCloud is a cloud service based out of Mumbai, which provides world class service and support at just the right price. We deliver tailored cloud services that adjusts to your budget - no matter how big or a small company you are. Customer satisfaction, full paisa vasool is our motto.




Scalable secure Email and Collaboration Solution

Activated in less than 3 hours

Use your own domain name

Integrated turnkey solution with Hardware, Software, Security and Load balancer built in

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

99%+ SPAM Protection

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HD Quality Video chat solution

Works with Browser on any Desktop / Laptop / Tablet / iPad

Comes in 2 editions - for MSME / Home users - and - Corporate / Enterprise users

Web based user interface

Text chat / Private chat / Multi-user conference / File Transfer / Smilies

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Domain-wise Email security service

Filters out SPAM / Virus / Harmful emails and deliver only genuine mails

Compatible with all modern Email Servers

Protects both Inbound and Outbound traffic.

No quarantine to maintain or scan / Easy IP whitelisting by end users

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Data Protection

Email archiving service for organizations

Stores all incoming/outgoing emails

Emails can never be deleted manually

Restoration of emails directly to mailbox using IMAP

Audit logs gives time, IP address as well as account name of user

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Data Availablity

Scalable, secure, easy cloud Storage solution

Data is stored in redundant Storage networks and backed up offline.

Email document link (with expiry date) to external users

Store multiple versions of document

Support for FTP Clients: FileZilla / WinFTP / WinSCP

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Peace of Mind

Ensures that the CIO has physical access to Corporate data anytime

CIO can request a copy of the data in an external Hard drive to store in their premise or for Audit / Migration.

Various Backup formats for mail, calendar, chat etc...

1 Year warranty for Backup Media Hardware

SMS to client at each step

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Guaranteed Connection

Capability of 10,000 connections per second per server

Results Data provided in CSV (or) SQL format

Mandatory SSL support using Digital Certificate

Web Application files supported in HTML,CSS,PHP,JS

Event based Web Server for peak efficiency

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Technical Consultation arm of MTNLCloud

Hybrid Solutions, security audit and consulting, connectivity solutions

Solutions in Messaging/ Security/Storage/Application architecture

Network/Application Security, Document Storage

Messaging and Collaboration

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Get the Most Out of Your Solution

  • Use your own domain

    You have the flexibility to use your own domain or use our or domain for your cloud services

  • Tutorials/Configuration

    Our online documentation and tutorials is all that you need - right from signing up to configuring the services, our online chat support takes you one step at a time

  • Technical Support

    We are committed to providing outstanding customer support for our services. Our chat support engineers are standing by to discuss any issues.

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