MTNLCloud ResultAnnounce is designed to address the need for Educational Institutions / Organizations to announce large volume results of Examinations / Interviews. With capability of 10,000 connections per second per server, ResultsAnnounce can serve even the most demanding of applications.

ResultsAnnounce is a complete turnkey solution integrating

  • Hardware
  • Software (In memory Database, Fast web server)
  • Load balancer
  • Security (Host, Network based Firewalls), and
  • Bandwidth (30+ Gbps)

and can be activated within 24 hours. ResultsAnnounce can be customized to include client schema as per requirements.

If you are looking for announcing results to 10000 users or millions of users, you will find ResultsAnnounce an efficient, secure platform.

Service Description Unit Price per Unit (Rs)
  MTNLCloud ResultsAnnounce for 100,000 users for 1 month 1 95000
Commercial Terms and Conditions
  Delivery 1 Day + Time for customization (if any).
  1. Each server unit is capable of handling 10,000 connections per second.
  2. If higher handling capacity is required, number of units may be increased.
  3. 100% Uptime Guarantee
  Taxes 18% GST Additional
  Cancellation / Refund Policy Once order is placed, cancellation/refunds are not allowed.
  1. Online through MTNLCloud Payment Gateway
  2. NEFT / RTGS / IMPS to MTNLCloud bank account
Use your own domain name (e.g.,
Integrated turnkey solution with Hardware, Software, Security and Load balancer built in
Results Data shall be provided in CSV (or) SQL format

Web Application files in following formats shall be supported

  • Javascript (js)
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • PHP (Version 5)
Web Application shall be completely stand alone `
In memory Database for fast response
Integrated Load balancer for distributing access loads
Event based Web Server for peak efficiency
In memory based session data storage for fast access
Application memory cache for removing Hard disk bottlenecks
Access to local Email server for sending emails to clients (may require minor changes to DNS records)
Standard Compression support to maximize user experience
Host, Network based Firewalls
Application has no access to Remote networks
Mandatory application Audit
Mandatory SSL support using Digital Certificate
Additional Consulting Services
Design of custom applications depending on data schema
Load assessment and solution proposal

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