MTNLCloud BeThere is a HD Quality Video chat solution. BeThere allows users to make video calls for discussions, reviews and Interviews. Working with Chrome (56+) on any Desktop / Laptop / Tablet device, BeThere presents a user experience that can only be surpassed by being there!

BeThere Standard edition is for MSME/Home users. For Corporate/Enterprise users (who are behindrestrictive Firewall/proxies), BeThere Enterprise version is required.

BeThere allows users to chat with each other in text. With a Mic / speaker / Webcam, Video chats can be done.

Service Description Unit Price per Unit (Rs)
  MTNLCloud BeThere – Standard Edition 1 Free
  MTNLCloud BeThere – Enterprise Edition– 1 Year 1 5000
Commercial Terms and Conditions
  Delivery 3 Hours
  SLA 99.9 % Uptime Guarantee
  Taxes 18% GST Additional
  Cancellation / Refund Policy Once order is placed, cancellation/refunds are not allowed.
  1. Online through MTNLCloud Payment Gateway
  2. NEFT / RTGS / IMPS to MTNLCloud bank account
Use your own domain name (e.g., or
Integrated turnkey solution with Hardware, Software, Security and Load balancer built in
User Interface: Web based
Supported Devices
Google Chrome (56+)
Mozilla Firefox (35+) - Standard Edition only
Desktop OS: Linux, Windows
Mobile / Tablet OS: Android, Windows
Video chat requires Mic / Speaker / Web Camera
Text chat
Private chat (user to user)
Multi user conference (Group chat)
File transfers
Smilies and various indicators
Offline messages
TLS / SSL Security for end to end security
Time limited tokens for Video sessions
Protocol: WebRTC
Standard Edition media transmission: Peer to Peer
Enterprise Edition media transmission: Relay through media server to get around restrictive Firewalls / Proxy
Chat Protocol: XMPP

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