About MTNLCloud

MTNLCloud is a joint initiative by MTNL, Mumbai and Carizen Software (P) Ltd. to provide an application cloud platform. With the promise of never taking your data out of India, MTNLCloud has been launched with Messaging, Security and Video conferencing applications.
MTNLCloud is an Enterprise Cloud service for individuals and corporates looking for quality, reliability, flexibility, security, on-time no-nonsense support/service and value for money.
MTNLCloud is an Enterprise Cloud service that adjusts to your budget - budget can be as low ZERO rupees.
Have you seen a true Enterprise Cloud Service with servers in India?
Have you ever wondered what happens to your data, where it resides
Have you ever thought what will happen if you wanted the data for audit or legal purpose
Have you ever wanted to be part of "Make In India" campaign

These and many similar questions sparked the idea of our very own Cloud - fully commissioned in India - for the world to use
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Easy to use control panel for creating account/purchasing services/adding services/administering orders is present both on an administrator level as well as user level.
Users can create and purchase services in 3 easy steps:
Thats it. It is that simple. Welcome to the world of administering single/multiple domains with a single click of a mouse.
MTNLCloud is brought to you by the leading broadband service provider (600,000+ users and counting) in Mumbai, MTNL . With the goal of maximizing customer value and diversifying into data and content services, MTNLCloud was launched on Aug 1, 2016 in technical partnership with Carizen Software (P) Ltd. , a premier Network Infrastructure solution provider.

Get the Most Out of Your Solution

  • Use your own domain

    You have the flexibility to use your own domain or use our mtnl.net.in or hamaracloud.in domain for your cloud services

  • Tutorials/Configuration

    Our online documentation and tutorials is all that you need - right from signing up to configuring the services, our online chat support takes you one step at a time

  • Technical Support

    We are committed to providing outstanding customer support for our services. Our chat support engineers are standing by to discuss any issues.

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